Black Magic Coffee Sleeve
Black Magic Coffee Sleeve
Black Magic Coffee Sleeve
Black Magic Coffee Sleeve
Black Magic Coffee Sleeve

Black Magic

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Are you sick and tired of having to hold your cup of coffee as it slows you down and gets in your way?

Would you like to enjoy your coffee without it being bothersome?

Let Coffee & Chains coffee holder elevate your coffee experience to the next level.

Our chic sleeves will free up your hands while adding a stylish touch to your wardrobe.

Allow your hands to be more productive and prepare for the incoming compliments.


As all reusable and to-go cups have different dimensions, we have used the Starbucks paper and plastic cups as a universal example for sizing reference.

Chain length 42 cm


Sleeves are made from faux leather.

Coloured chains are made from plastic resin.

Metal chains are made from aluminum.

Leather and chains are hand crafted and hand finished.



It is important to properly care your product to ensure it lasts for a long time.

Please do not wash.

You can use with hot and cold beverages.

Please do not spray sanitizer on the product.

We recommend keeping the lid secured on your cup while carrying in order to prevent spills.

Please ensure that any clasps and straps are tangle free before carrying your drink.

Please avoid swinging the cupholder to avoid spillages or potential burns.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
perfect for the busy mom

I never knew how much I needed one of these products until I finally had it. It helps with errands when your bag is full, talking things inside after a day out. I'm always carrying additional stuff and having this helps me not spill my drink and carefully taking it anywhere I need to be. I'ts so fun to carry when walking around & is easy to place anywhere with the sleeve on. I'd buy again if I need to, or even buy as a gift <3

Kaylee Meier
Best thing I've ever bought!!

As a busy mom and seriouse coffee drinker this has changed my life! I smiled ear to ear carrying my coffee and shopping bags! Thank you for making this amazing quality product. Everyone in my family will be getting one!

Amazing, super cute gift

I just received a sleeve from my sister as a gift. It is SUPER CUTE and has already proven to be an awesome idea for freeing up my hands to carry other things. I'm already looking to order other things.


It took me a while to buy this but anything in matte black is gorgeous. So happy I did bc when I’m carrying multiple things into the house this works so well. Especially if you have a styrofoam cup.

Janie Ramirez
Airport Coffee & Chains

I’m a Flight Attendant and this purse makes carrying
Coffee so much easier! I get compliments all the time. I will be buying these as gifts!