Electric Blue Coffee Sleeve
Electric Blue Coffee Sleeve
Electric Blue Coffee Sleeve

Electric Blue

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Discover the perfect solution to make your daily coffee routine effortless and stylish with the Coffee & Chains Coffee Purse. Say goodbye to awkward spills and hello to hands-free convenience.



  • Hands-Free Coffee Enjoyment: Embrace the freedom to enjoy your coffee on the go. Whether you're out shopping, headed to work, juggling the duties of a busy mom, a gym lover, or simply want to carry your coffee in style, our coffee holder ensures your brew is always within reach, allowing you to multitask effortlessly.
  • Elevate Your Style: Our chic and durable coffee holder doubles as a fashion accessory, enhancing your look while ensuring you never misplace your cup.
  • Unleash Productivity: Stay on top of your tasks without the distraction of carrying your coffee. Ideal for busy commuters, students, parents and professionals.
  • High-Quality Design: Crafted from premium materials, the Coffee and Chains coffee purse is built to last, ensuring you enjoy countless coffees hassle-free.



As all reusable and to-go cups have different dimensions, we have used the Starbucks paper and plastic cups as a universal example for sizing reference.

Chain length 42 cm


Sleeves are made from faux leather.

Coloured chains are made from plastic resin.

Metal chains are made from aluminum.

Leather and chains are handcrafted and hand-finished.



It is important to properly care for your product to ensure it lasts for a long time.

Please do not wash.

You can use with hot and cold beverages.

Please do not spray sanitizer on the product.

We recommend keeping the lid secured on your cup while carrying in order to prevent spills.

Please ensure that any clasps and straps are tangle-free before carrying your drink.

Please avoid swinging the cupholder to avoid spillages or potential burns.

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic quality, beautiful vibrant color, and I get so many compliments whenever I use this sleeve. I have been asked multiple times where I have purchased it and I always say with such happiness Coffee and Chains look them up! Their customer service is 10000 🌟. I highly recommend their coffee sleeves.


Absolutely love what a great gift idea 🙂


Amazing Christmas gifts! Definitely better quality than expected

Always shopping
Get one!

Having one of these for my favorite Starbucks cup is so extra and I am here for all of it. Get one and be the star of your own show!

Linda Lopez

Did not hold cup up right as shown in the videos put mine in to try it out and spilled all down my leg and Starbucks is not cheap

Hello Linda. Thank you for your comment.
We always recommend to ensure that any clasps and straps are tangle-free before carrying your drink.
This will prevent your drink from spills and tip-overs.
You can use safely with Starbucks tall, grande and venti sizes.
If you need further assistance, you can reach us at

Customer Care Specialist
Coffee and Chains