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Are you sick and tired of having to hold your cup of coffee as it slows you down and gets in your way? Would you like to enjoy your coffee without it being bothersome?
Let Coffee & Chains coffee holder elevate your coffee experience to the next level.
Our chic sleeves will free up your hands while adding a stylish touch to your wardrobe.
Allow your hands to be more productive and prepare for the incoming compliments.


As all reusable and to-go cups have different dimensions, we have used the Starbucks paper and plastic cups as a universal example for sizing reference. Our sleeves fit tall, grande and venti sizes.
Chain size 32 cm


Sleeves are made from faux leather.

Coloured chains are made from plastic resin.

Metal chains are made from aluminum.

Leather and chains are handcrafted and hand-finished.



It is important to properly care your product to ensure it lasts for a long time. Please do not wash. You can use it with hot and cold beverages. Please do not spray sanitizer on the product. We recommend keeping the lid secured on your cup while carrying in order to prevent spills. Please ensure that any clasps and straps are tangle-free before carrying your drink. Please avoid swinging the cupholder to avoid spillages or potential burns.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kevin M Haggard
My wife LOVED it!

The quality of the build and the luxurious feel of the materials was everything I'd hoped it would be. My wife loved her gift. It's both a beautiful and functional product. Thank you!

Stylish and practical

I’ve never felt so stylish walking into the office with my coffee. It also makes walking easier as it balances perfectly while I hold my papers in hand and purse in the other. Totally worth it! Can’t wait to try other colors.

Natalie King
Beautiful 🤩

Incredible quality and the green with gold combination really stand out. The perfect colour combination and would work well with any neutral outfits.

Sarah Carey
So adorable, but I wish the change was longer

I purchased the other style for a friend and got this for me. Green is my favorite color and in person, it's even better. However, I do wish the gold chain was as long as the other style - just a couple more links and it would be perfect. You don't think 10 cm would be that big of a deal, but it really is.

Wendy Hörchner
absolutely stunning

This might be one of those things ‘you don’t really NEED’, however if this is something you really WANT.. purchase it! It’s so worth it! The sleeve is absolutely stunning and i’m amazed about the quality of (especially) the chain with engraved logo. Contact with the owner through Instagram was really pleasant and quick. I would definitely order again! (P.s. if you’re ordering from the Netherlands, please note that you will have to pay an additional €13,21 for customs when picking up your package at a PostNL pick-up point)