Sky And Sand Limited Edition Coffee Sleeve
Sky And Sand Limited Edition Coffee Sleeve
Sky And Sand Limited Edition Coffee Sleeve

Sky and Sand Limited Edition

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Are you sick and tired of having to hold your cup of coffee as it slows you down and gets in your way? Would you like to enjoy your coffee without it being bothersome?

Let Coffee & Chains coffee holder elevate your coffee experience to the next level.

Our chic sleeves will free up your hands while adding a stylish touch to your wardrobe. Allow your hands to be more productive and prepare for the incoming compliments.


As all reusable and to-go cups have different dimensions, we have used the Starbucks paper and plastic cups as a universal example for sizing reference. 

Chain length 42 cm


Leather and chains are hand crafted and hand finished.

Sleeves are made from faux leather.

Coloured chains are made from plastic resin.

Metal chains are made from aluminum.



It is important to properly care your product to ensure it lasts for a long time.

Please do not wash.

You can use with hot and cold beverages.

Please do not spray sanitizer on the product.

We recommend keeping the lid secured on your cup while carrying in order to prevent spills.

Please ensure that any clasps and straps are tangle free before carrying your drink.

Please avoid swinging the cupholder to avoid spillages or potential burns.

Customer Reviews

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Chemaine Roye

Sky and Sand Limited Edition

Happy Birthday To Me...

Had seen these products on another platform and they looked amazing, after looking through Celine's store I was very impressed and wanted so many different items. Highly recommended Celine's store to my daughters and friends. And my daughter placed an order just days after my order came in. Best of ALL this is an CANADIAN COMPANY...

Amanda Mauro
Love it!!

Brilliant and Luxurious! I love how next level this is. Thank you for having such a variety

Jessica McKenzie
Happily boujee

I LOVE these coffee purses! It has been so nice to have something to help free up my hands while walking. It’s a wonderful addition to any outfit 😊

Naomi S
Life Saver

My friend had surgery after falling down her brick stairs on her foot trying to juggle her dog, stuff and coffee. Now that she is recovered and paying off her foot. you have no clue how much she appreciates this extremely cute and useful holder!